Group travels

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The best conditions and the most exclusive benefits
for your group travels.

Travel, stays, excursions: Lighthouse Viaggi is the ideal partner for Cral, recreational clubs, associations, groups of friends and acquaintances. We are able to propose multiple destinations, from the most traditional to the most exotic, or to devise and plan any route from scratch realizing the indications and wishes of our customers for any itinerary you want to take.

What kind of travel are you looking for? According to your needs or age group, we will find the most suitable for you at the most advantageous conditions!

From the most youthful and sporty group to the most demanding and sought after, Lighthouse Viaggi offers all the typical services of collective tourism:

  • international destinatios
  • organized group travels
  • eno-gastronomic and cultural itineraries
  • cities of art of Italy and European capitals
  • cruises
  • white weeks
  • Christmas markets and much more

Would you like to go on a journey to discover new places, but don’t feel like leaving alone?
Traveling with Lighthouse Viaggi means relying on professionals in the sector,
you won’t have to worry about anything.

Contact us, we will reply in a very short time and we will find the ideal solution for your trip!